Travellers from Little Billington charged with money laundering

A couple from Little Billington were charged with money laundering yesterday.

John Rooney, 35, and his wife Margaret, 34, were charged by Beds Police with the offence after £70,080 was seized on September 14 last year.

Of that amount, £22,000 was believed to have come from ATM machine robberies from some part of the country.

Neither of the pair – who gave “limited information” to investigators – appeared in Luton Magistrates Court this morning, where an application by police and Central Bedfordshire Council was made for forfeiture of the cash.

Fraud investigator Christopher Jones appeared in court on behalf of both authorities.

He said: “Of the £70,000, I’m satisfied that £11,400 has come from a legitimate business, the laying of pathways and drives.

“I’m undertaking to return that to them, but it’s to be held by their defence solicitor.”

Mr and Mrs Rooney, of Slapton Road, will appear at Luton Magistrates Court to answer the charges against them on August 24.

The application for forfeiture was adjourned until September 29.