Warnings issued to gang after single mum ‘intimidated’ in Leighton Buzzard flats

Flats in Doggett Street
Flats in Doggett Street

Warnings were issued to a gang after a single mum was subjected to intimidation in Leighton Buzzard.

The young woman, described as “vulnerable”, was referred to Central Beds Council after feeling unable to leave her flat in Doggett Street, due to the gang of youths hanging about the stairwell.

According to a CBC report, they were, “intimidating her and calling her names”.

It stated: “She became quite depressed, with complaints of a strong smell of cannabis within the block.

“Complaints of anti-social and nuisance behaviour from this group of youths was also reported in other blocks of flats and outside on the street, where there were regular fights resulting in police attendance.

“The youths gained entry to the blocks by damaging the rear doors and putting tape over the front entry door.”

In response to the complaints, the council’s anti-social behavioural team worked with police and other agencies to issue warnings to two men, aged 18 and 20.

A 15-year-old boy was also made to sign an Unacceptable Behavioural Notice along with his parent, and a voluntary contract was put in place for him to co-operate with social services and attend school.

The report concluded that after the three main offenders stopped loitering about the stairwell, the rest of the group dispersed. The young mum was supported by the council to move to a more secure home with her one-year-old baby.

A Central Beds spokesman said: “While we would not like to comment on individual cases, generally speaking issuing Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABC) are more effective in the right circumstances as are many of the new powers that have been bought in under the new legislation.”