Young dangerous driver ‘could have killed someone’

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A driver who led police on a half hour dangerous pursuit before jumping out of the moving car was told by a judge he could have killed someone.

At one point Scott Steen reached speeds of 75mph in a 30mph built up area, went through red traffic lights and took roundabouts the wrong way, Luton Crown Court was told.

Steen, of Grebe Drive, Leighton Buzzard, finally jumped from the Vauxhall Corsa, which careered into the central reservation near the junction of the M1 and Dunstable Road, and was tracked down by a police dog to a nearby garden.

Steen, appeared at the court on the day of his 20th birthday (Friday, August 28).

He pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, failing to stop when required, and having no insurance or licence.

His solicitor, Christopher Harrington urged the court to suspend the custodial sentence as Steen had Asperger’s, which would make it difficult for him to cope in a custodial setting where others may take advantage of him.

But Judge Michael Kay QC said: “This is yet another depressing and familiar tale of a young man in a motor vehicle late at night being pursued by police.

“I am not sure whether it is for thrills and excitement or through stupidity, but it is very dangerous to other road users.

“You are very lucky not to be here on a charge of causing death by dangerous driving and going into custody for many years.

“I feel very sorry for your mum who has tried very hard to bring you up, but you have let yourself down.”

He said the only sentence was immediate detention for six months and an 18 month driving ban.

Daniel Siong, prosecuting said police saw Steen driving erratically in Bramingham Road, Luton, shortly after midnight on May 22 this year.

He appeared to stop and an officer went to speak to him but then he sped off.

In Grange Avenue he narrowly avoided colliding with a pedestrian, who jumped out of the way.

In Hatters Way he was on the wrong side of the road when another car had to take action to avoid a head on collision.