Cubitt is one of just six in world

Mark Kelly in his Tourer
Mark Kelly in his Tourer

The Cubitt – manufactured in Aylesbury in the 1920s – is one of the rarest cars in the world with just six known to be in existence.

For motoring enthusiast Bob Bull, the last time he’d seen a Cubitt more than 20 years ago when he moved the parts of a ruined vehicle to Derby.

So imagine his surprise when he came across a brilliant blue Cubitt – looking just as it may have done in 1926 – slowly going up the Kop Hill Climb in Princes Risborough last month.

He said: “I was really quite speechless to be honest!”

Owner Mark Kelly, 48, runs a classic car business and won the car at auction in Derbyshire. He said “It’s restored but as close to an original as you can get. There’s only six in the world and two or three in the UK.”

Mr Kelly, of Wing, was born in Aylesbury close to where the Cubitt was built, so owning one is extra special.

However, with the gears on the right-hand side, the large four-seater cars aren’t the easiest things to drive – especially up Kop Hill. Mark said he’d managed three runs up there so far. Mr Kelly’s Cubitt spent some years at Bewley museum after it was restored. There are plans to show it with a 92-year-old Cubitt from Bucks County museum – the first time two cars have been shown together in 50 years.