Cute cubs and creepy pumpkins

Whipsnade Zoo’s six cheeky cheetah cubs got into the Halowe’en spirit this week as they played with pumpkins in their enclosure.

Despite having never seen a pumpkin before, the five-month-old youngsters wasted no time getting stuck in and even started having a kickabout with the fruits.

They were soon joined by mum Dubai, who came to join in the fun.

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Africa section team leader Mark Holden said: “As it was the first time they’d been given pumpkins to play with, we weren’t sure how they would react – they could have completely ignored them.

“But after cautiously circling them, they soon got into the spirit of things and had great fun playing with them and it ended up being a fantastic enrichment activity for them.”

Visitors to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo this week will get a chance to see a host of the Zoo’s animals enjoying Halloween-inspired treats, including the ring-tailed lemurs, red river hogs, otters and wolves, as part of a spine tingling series of talks, feeds and demonstrations.

For more information, visit the Zoo’s website at

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