Cyclist left in agony after collision with car in Leighton Buzzard

Robyn Bayes
Robyn Bayes

A cyclist has spoken of her “horrific experience” after she was struck by a car while crossing at a set of traffic lights in Leighton Buzzard.

Robyn Bayes, 26, was cycling along Hockliffe Road at around 2pm on Saturday, July 28, when she approached the traffic lights at the crossing near the Scouts building on Hockliffe Road.

She said: “I looked both ways to check it was clear and I was just crossing over when this car came flying around the corner at what felt like 50mph or 60mph and knocked me off my bike.

“He got out of his car and literally picked me up off the ground by my arm and had a go at me for not waiting at the lights – even though it had been completely clear.”

Two passing couples stopped at the scene and one of them called emergency services. Ms Bayes is keen to trace them as well as any witnesses from a bus which passed by.

She said: “I had a horrific experience, the ambulance didn’t come for me at all. I was waiting for half an hour by the side of the road with my legs bleeding.

“Eventually, I had enough of waiting and I struggled to my friend’s house nearby. My back was in absolute agony.

“My friend phoned the ambulance again and we were told the wait would be four hours. I called them myself 15 minutes later and they said they were dealing with a lot of demand and it would now be eight hours.

“The police turned up and interviewed me, I was still in a lot of pain and the accident had only just happened so I was quite hazy in my recollections.”

Eventually, a friend drove Miss Bayes to hospital where she was treated for extensive bruising. She has been forced to take sick leave from her job as a chef while she waits for her injuries to heal.

Last Thursday, she received a letter from Bedfordshire Police stating her case has been closed and she is now eager to track down witnesses of the incident.

Miss Bayes said: “I’m pretty sure the car was a silver Fiat Panda 2010, with a black rim around it. If anyone can come forward with information, that would be fantastic.”

An East of England Ambulance Service spokesman said: ”When responding to patients we prioritise the sickest people first. We apologise if any distress was caused.

“If this patient wishes to raise her concerns she should contact the Trust.”

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