Darts legend ‘Wolfie’ takes on the LBO!

So it begins a bit like this... with me shouting, “I’m Stewart from the LBO and I’m taking on ... ‘The Wolfie!’”

I’m no actor – and an even worse darts player – but it’s the battlecry which my director, photographer Jane Russell, insists I shout out to take on the world champion.

That’s right, Martin “Wolfie” Adams, three-time BDO World Champion and three-time World Masters champion, was at the Clay Pipe Pub in Leighton on Saturday.

He was there taking on eagle-eyed punters for charity St Francis House, but we’ll get to that bit later.

As I walked through the door, the first thing he said was: “You’ve just been to the hairdressers, haven’t you? You haven’t done that to yourself!”

In truth, I explain it’s the rainy weather that has turned my hair into a bouffant pompadour. When I say this he looks genuinely surprised.

So we start playing.

“Look at you, you’re throwing that like a javelin!” he yells as a dart of mine plunges into the MDF wall several feet off the board.

Less upper body movement he tells me, keep it all in the arm. Right foot forward, all the pressure on the right leg and the stance is perfect.

After doing this, I start to improve dramatically. I score a 27, although I’m not really sure how. Wolfie laughs, “Are there any other sports you are bad at?”

There are actually quite a few.

Teams of people have crowded into the Clay Pipe Pub to go up against the Wolfie. Scoring far higher than me was Leighton man, Mark Circuitt, who said: “Yeah it was good, we all know about the Wolfie so it was great to play against him.”

The event was in aid of St Francis’ Children’s Society, who organise adoption for hard-to-place children, usually over the age of four years old.

Martin’s sister Marilyn sits on the adoption board and has been closely involved with charity since adopting her own daughter. It is she who organised the darts event.

But the atmosphere in the pub is fun and lively. Martin himself is on top form, although he’s not sure about the purpose of the night.

When asked, he says, “I don’t know, what am I here for again?”

In addition to the darts playing, there was a host of other activities at the pub that night including a raffle and an auctioning off a 2014 Sport Relief T-Shirt which was signed by footballers and popstars who were involved in the 2014 World Cup Song for England.

Signatures on the T-Shirt included Gary Lineker, Michael Owen, Glenn Hoddle, Katy B, Eliza Doolittle, and Kimberley Walsh.

All in all, a merry night in Leighton.