Dog bites noses off sheep in Leighton Buzzard

Three sheep on a farm in Leighton Buzzard were sadly put down last month after they were gruesomely mauled by a dog.

Monday, 5th December 2016, 5:13 pm
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 12:32 pm
Dog attack (stock image)

The three affected sheep were found by their owner lying wounded in the field and it is understood from pictures that at least two of them had their noses bitten off.

Sadly, due to their painful injuries, it was decided by vets to put the suffering animals to sleep.

Their owner told the Leighton Buzzard Observer: “I just want to get the message out that this has gone on, and to warn the other farmers that they should always be vigiliant.

“It’s the same dog that’s been in my field before and he has attacked the sheep, but this time he attacked while I wasn’t around and now three of them are dead.”

The farmer, who did not wish to be named, said attacks by dogs were not uncommon but that he had been shocked by the ferocity of this particular attack.

After speaking to the owners of the animal, the farmer said he felt assured that the matter was resolved for the time being.