Doggie delights at Linslade Woods

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Border terriers, labradoodles, German shepherds, spaniels – all manner of dogs came to Linslade Woods to test their skills at sniffing out hidden sausages, at obeying their owners’ commands, and trying agility training by jumping over hurdles and running through tunnels.

Some dogs just couldn’t get enough of the agility tests – especially when they realised that there might be a treat at the end.

Others just couldn’t be bothered to jump and preferred to walk underneath the hurdle. One dog was so determined not to run through the tunnel that his owner had to wriggle through it first!

Members of CBC’s Countryside Access team and the Friends of Linslade Woods were there to offer advice and hand out leaflets and chat to the dogs’ owners.

Judith Knight, from the Friends of Linslade Woods, said: “It was a really enjoyable family event in unexpectedly warm sunny weather, and the Friends are keen to hold a similar event next year. Thanks are also due to the Greensand Trust ranger who solved the operational problems of erecting the gazebo – he deserves a sausage for effort.”