‘Don’t you know the agony it’s caused?’


The fiancee and mother of a road crash victim say they have been left ‘heartbroken’ by thieves who have stolen keepsakes from his grave.

Gavin Brooks, 22, of Brookside Walk, Leighton Buzzard, was tragically killed in October 2010 when a motorbike he had hired was in collision with a Land Rover Discovery at Woburn Road’s junction with Reach Lane.

Thieves have been stealing items from the grave of Gavin Brooks

Thieves have been stealing items from the grave of Gavin Brooks

Just three weeks previously Gavin’s fiancee Leanne had given birth to their first son Kainan, who was described as the spitting image of his father.

Now Gavin’s family have been left with a new ordeal as sentimental items left on his grave at Vandyke Road Cemetery have been taken, with other families reporting similar thefts.

Gavin’s fiancee Leanne told the LBO that the incident had added to the family’s anguish.

She said: “Kainan never knew his father and it is heartbreaking to think that if one day he found something he wanted to put on Gavin’s grave it may get stolen.

“Within an instant our lives turned upside down and we are only now coming to terms with what happened, we should be able to put anything we like down without having to fear it might be taken.

“The items are not worth anything but they are things we think Gavin would like and it has really affected the family.”

The theft was first discovered by Gavin’s mother Cindy as she tended her son’s grave last week.

Among the missing items were a skull ring, a pink spider figure and two skull ornaments.

Several months ago family members also noticed that Gavin’s grave had been tampered with, as a coke bottle with the father’s name on it had been removed and emptied.

Similarly a can of Fosters lager, which Leanne had left at the cemetery last year, was previously opened and left empty on Gavin’s grave.

Leanne added: “Something really needs to be done about this, it is so disrespectful.

“If anybody has the items we really want them to be returned.”

Following the thefts Cindy has cleared her son’s headstone and has plans to move other items from the grave into her back garden.

She said: “It was on my birthday that I went there and noticed the ornaments were missing...it is so upsetting.

“We have worked hard to keep it nice and now we are frightened that anything we leave there might get stolen.

“Whoever did it does not know the heartbreak it has caused.”

Leighton-Linslade Town Council owns and operates Vandyke Road Cemetery.

Council clerk Mark Saccoccio told the LBO that cemetery staff are aware of the problem.

He said: “We have not formally been informed of this incident but staff are aware of what has happened.

“We fully support families in whichever way they wish to grieve and staff report anything they see.”