Don’t yourself open to be the next victim


by Insp James Davies, Thames Valley Police’s Neighbourhood Inspector for Aylesbury Vale...

In this country we have long held with Sir Robert Peel’s vision of ‘policing by consent’. What does this mean?At a basic level it means that the public does not have policing thrust upon them.

Instead they agree to the authority of the police service to uphold the law.

The public is part of the process and has a voice about what their police service does.

I see the prevention and detection of crime as a team effort. My officers and PCSOs drive and walk all day long in our communities. And the chances of them coming across someone committing a crime in that place at that time is slim. It’s thanks to the vigilance of the public that we can learn and investigate what has happened in order to bring people to justice.

Equally what are you doing to stop yourself and your family becoming the victim of crime? Often we only do something after we have been a victim of crime.

In the Wing area, for instance, we have seen a recent spate of thefts from vehicles.

There have been reports of thefts of tools left in vans overnight near to Milton Keynes.

Offenders have also targeted vehicles which have been left unlocked overnight. Sat navs and handbags have been taken. It’s not an easy job unloading tools and work gear from your van after a long day. No-one really wants to be dragging them into the house overnight. But then it would be even more inconvenient to wake up in the morning and find them stolen.

What would happen if you had to cancel a job in the morning because you don’t have the tools to do it?

And how much time and effort would it take to deal with police and insurers? However by not taking belongs inside you unfortunately run the risk of becoming a victim.

Not locking your car at night is also a risk you take.

A thief would rather try every handle of every car parked on a street instead of smashing a window - it’s easier and less noisy. And when they find the door which opens – it’s that car they’ll be stealing from. Please be vigilant and don’t leave yourself open to becoming a victim.