Donations needed to keep Heron Watch at Rushmere Country Park

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Thousands of people have now viewed the herons at Rushmere Country Park.

More than 2,500 visitors have joined the Heron Watch volunteers to admire the beautiful birds and learn more about them.

There are now 12 occupied heron nests at the park, with 12 confirmed chicks in three nests, while at least another three nests have eggs in.

Visitors can get good coverage of four of the young chicks via cameras and screens in the visitors centre.

Visitors to the country park love to view the herons nesting each spring, clearly visible from the deck at the centre.

The country park is raising funds to look after its binoculars and telescope, kindly sponsored by Opticron, so people can get a closer look at the herons, as well as the in-nest cameras which feed images directly from the nests to the TV screens in the visitors centre, so people can see what’s going on.

The Greensand Trust, which runs Rushmere Country Park, also supports generous volunteers who give up their time to support Heron Watch each year.

Now it is asking people for their support so they can ensure that the equipment used to enhance the Heron Watch experience is well maintained, and is asking for donations to help keep Heron Watch at the park.

They would also like to thank Opticron for their sponsorship of the binoculars and telescope.

To donate and help keep Heron Watch running, go to