Doris didn’t dampen village school’s spirit

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A little thing like a storm wasn’t going to put off youngsters getting to school - even if it was called Doris!!

Pupils at Totternhoe Lower School took it all in their stride when a tree blocked their way to school on February 23.

And they even coped with the loss of electricity.

Praising pupils, paremts and staff, headteacher Olivia Bates said: “On Thursday 23rd February a large tree came down outside Totternhoe Lower School on Church Road completely blocking the entire road. The police were wonderful in making the area safe​,​ however, it meant that the vast majority of children and families trying to get to school had their paths blocked.

“I’m over the moon to report that despite families having to make the very long and muddy walk around the school, through fields and puddles (yes, we had some very muddy shoes to deal with) we had 100% attendance!

“We had no electricity for most of the day and the staff rallied beautifully. A picnic lunch was rapidly purchased, lessons were replanned and the children had an exciting time writing all about their adventure into school that morning. In year R they even got their torches out! The admin team provided refreshments to the emergency services and tree cutters!

“So a massive thank you must go to our entire community, to the parents for persevering and getting to school in challenging circumstances, to the amazing staff team who made the day safe and successful and the police and Mrs Gambrell (a parent who lives close to the school, who provided hot water so the staff could have a cup of tea! Vital for all school staff).

“Thank you Totternhoe!”