‘Drink, drugs and sex problem at Leighton Buzzard car park’

The Vynes car park
The Vynes car park

Worried elderly residents claim they are intimidated by local youths who “drink, take drugs and engage in sexual activity” in a Leighton Buzzard car park.

An upset resident of The Vynes Park Home, Weston Avenue, claims that local youths regularly frequent nearby public car park ‘The Vynes’ with drug use taking place in broad daylight, as well as other anti-social behaviour.

One resident, who lives in Park Home, said: “If you visit the car park on most nights, usually around 10pm, you will find cars racing up and down or sitting with the lights on, windows open, and music blaring out.

“The car park is being frequented more and more by car loads of people taking part in drug use and sexual activity in full view of people’s homes.

“On October 19, up to 10 vehicles were in the car park until 12.30pm -1am .

“They let off fireworks, partied, and were shouting and swearing, right next to park – the lives of elderly and vulnerable people are being made a misery by this nightly activity.

“The local residents feel intimidated and fear both going out after dark and reporting any incidents as some have been threatened in the past.

“The police, when called, do not attend until the next day and usually drive around the car park about 2pm when nothing is happening.

“The police will say that they do not get reports about incidents in the car park; we have pointed out they won’t for fear of reprisals.”

The Leighton Buzzard Observer contacted Bedfordshire Police, and in light of our newspaper’s report of anti-social behaviour, PCSOs will be going to see what’s happening in the area.

The force stated that one online report had been received some time ago, so they would encourage the resident to report any anti-social behaviour to them by contacting 101.