Drinks and ice-cream cabinets dumped in Heath and Reach have been removed

The drinks and ice-cream cabinets
The drinks and ice-cream cabinets

Large drinks cooler and ice-cream cabinets, shopping baskets, and other items of rubbish were removed on Wednesday from Bryants Lane, Heath and Reach, after fly tipping caused upset to residents.

Garden rubbish and broken paving stones appeared on the week of July 3-7, before a stool, part of the base of a bed, and a gas canister were added over the weekend of July 7.

Rubbish dumped in Heath and Reach made residents upset

Rubbish dumped in Heath and Reach made residents upset

But residents were even more upset that a Tizer drinks cooler cabinet, with most of its shelves stacked separately, a Wall’s ice-cream cabinet, and three wire shopping baskets then appeared at the scene.

A worried resident, claimed: “As a Heath and Reach resident I resent our village being defaced in this way.

“Local children do cycle up and down the lane quite frequently and it is also a popular area with dog walkers.

“The Tizer and Wall’s cabinets can only have come from a shop.

“It is, of course, possible that the shop owner did not know what the person removing the rubbish was going to do with it, but everyone getting someone to remove rubbish - especially if paying for it to be removed - should check what will be done with it.

“There does not seem to be any identification on the items, though I did not inspect them too closely.”

The resident claimed the first items were reported to Central Bedfordshire Council on Thursday, July 6, and the newer items on Monday, July 10.

A Central Bedfordshire Council spokeswoman, said: “Once the council were made aware we arranged for the items to be cleared.

“The site was cleared on Wednesday, July 12.

“There is no indication of where the items have come from, but it does include some commercial fridges which imply that it is from a commercial source rather than from a household.”