Eaton Bray bachelor is a hit with the girls

Adam and Paddy McGuinness on Take Me Out
Adam and Paddy McGuinness on Take Me Out

A self-professed country boy bagged himself a date on ITV’s Take Me Out.

Adam Minney, of Eaton Bray, managed to get to the final round with 29 lights still on.

The 23-year-old came down the Love Lift to Boyzone’s Picture Of You.

He chose Roberta after admitting that his favourite chick flick was Bridget Jones’ Diary.

Adam’s friends applied for him to go on the show after a lads night out.

He said: “It was a bit of a laugh really, they thought it would be funny to apply, when I got accepted I thought why not and went for it.

“I had a great time on the show, meeting the other contestants and Paddy.

“The show went really well and to have 29 lights on in the final round was great.

“The whole thing was a great experience for me.”

Adam and Roberta headed off to the Isle of Fernando’s with the other couples from the show.

He said: “The dates were good, the dinner and the Tai Chi.

“I am not really a quiet person so the Tai Chi probably was not the best date for me but we had a good time.

“Roberta was lovely and we got on well but there won’t be another date, she lives in Belfast and I live in Bedfordshire.”

Since the show Adam’s popularity has soared and he is still a hit with the ladies.

He said: “The response since the show has been insane.

“Since the weekend I have had 500 new followers on Instagram, 500 new followers on Twitter and hundreds of friend requests on Facebook.

“The best thing for me to come out of the show for me was my bromance with Keshav, we still speak all the time.”

Adam hopes to start his own business soon and would not say no to more TV work.