Edlesborough woman’s conservatory is ‘infested with flies’ after stream dries up

A woman from Edlesborough is unhappy after her conservatory was ‘infested with flies’ after the stream in her back garden dried up.

Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 4:43 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th March 2019, 4:45 pm

Mary Amos bought the bungalow on Kingsmead, because she loved the stream that ran through her back garden – but since work began by Bellway Homes at The Grange at Edlesborough she says the water has stopped flowing.

She said: “The bungalow was a derelict building and needed a lot of work doing when we bought it 26 years ago but we bought it because of the stream and the ducks, and now the water has dried up and the ducks no longer go there. Also my conservatory has been infested with flies since the water dried up, it was covered in them. I had to buy lots of cans and someone had to come round and get rid of them all. The shortage of water is also affecting the ecosystem, the water in the stream does play a big part to the way that all works. When we first moved in the Irrigation Board told us half the stream, which ran through the garden, was our responsibility, the other half was owned by the farmer, now Bellway.

“They are building homes on the land behind us and I do not have a problem with that, but I am not happy that the water has dried up to a little trickle since they started working.

Mary says the stream has dried up since the construction behind her home started

“I do not believe Bellway have done it on purpose but I think accidentally they have redirected the water that is supposed to go into my stream to somewhere else. The stream has run for hundreds of years without any problems.”

A spokesperson for Bellway said: “Bellway were not aware of these concerns, and while there is no indication of any diversions, now that the matter has been brought to our attention, we will investigate and take any actions necessary. We will continue to work with the Independent Drainage Board, who closely inspect our works, to ensure that all works are carried out as per our agreed planning permissions.”

Mary says the stream has dried up since the construction behind her homes started