Headteacher hails ‘impressive’ A-level results at Cedars Upper School in Linslade

Students at Cedars Upper School in Linslade are celebrating today after receiving their A-level results – with an impressive 100% pass rate.

The school, which has recently joined the Chiltern Learning Trust, recorded impressive results with almost half (46%) of their results being the highest A*, A or B grades.

Cedars Upper A-levels 2018

Cedars Upper A-levels 2018

More than a fifth (22%) of results were A* or A grades, and 8% of all results were the very highest A* grades.

The average point score per entry and per student is also up, demonstrating improvements in attainment across the school. In 2017 the average point score per student was 96.9, this year it has risen to 100.9.

These outstanding scores were reflected across a range of different subjects:

Art – 75% A*-A

Cedars Upper A-levels 2018

Cedars Upper A-levels 2018

Maths – 54% A*-A

Further Maths – 80% A*- A

Physics – 72% A*-B

History – 75% A*-B

Cedars Upper A-levels 2018

Cedars Upper A-levels 2018

Financial Studies – 80% A*-B

Steve Palmer, headteacher of Cedars Upper School, said: “We are very proud of the outstanding A-level results all our students have achieved, particularly given the significant changes to the exam system that came into effect this year.

“These impressive results are due to the huge amount of hard work, dedication and commitment shown by all students and members of staff over the past two years.

“We wish all our students the best possible future and hope to hear of their successes in the years to come, whether it be at university, with an apprenticeship or in the world of work.”

Cedars Upper A-levels 2018

Cedars Upper A-levels 2018

Particularly impressive results were secured by a number of students:

Katie Bates – A/ A/ B

Aaron Bishop – A/ A/ B

Abigail Bond – A/A/B

Sam Bowyer- A*/A*/A*/ A

Sam Cook – A*/A*/A

Joshua Etherington – A/B/B

Max Freebairn – A*/A*/A

Ryan Hayward- A*/B/B

Kieran Hieatt- A*/A/A

Damon Hodder – A/A/B

Thomas Jackson – A*/A*/A*/A*

Emma Maisner- A/B/B

Arianwen Minton – A*/A*B

Rachel Moffat- A*/A/B

Jake Peters – A*/A/B

Sarah Plummer- A*/A/B

Ellie Prophet – A/A/B

Ben Proud – A*/A/A

Emily Shepherd – A/A/B

Lewis Stuart – A*/A/A

Holly Williams – A*/A/B

Elliot Gathercole – A*/A*/A*/A*. Elliot applied to take Maths at Cambridge University and therefore had to take additional STEP exams. He scored a 1 and an S. There are five possible grades: S – Outstanding, 1 – Very Good, 2 – Good, 3 – Satisfactory, U – Unclassified.

Mr Palmer said: “Not only has he got into Trinity at Cambridge, but he has scored amazingly well on these papers, in addition to his 4 A* grades at A-level.”