Leighton Buzzard mum is appealing a fine she was given for taking her son to South Korea during term time

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Leighton Buzzard news

A mother from Leighton Buzzard is appealing a fine she was issued for taking her son out of school for two weeks when she had to travel to South Korea for work.

The single mum, who is a singer, got a last minute opportunity to travel to South Korea for work in October, she had no childcare so took her son with her, after talking to his Leighton Buzzard lower school about it.

South Korea. Is it right she was fined? Email news@lbobserver.co.uk'PHOTO: Google

South Korea. Is it right she was fined? Email news@lbobserver.co.uk'PHOTO: Google

She was issued with a £60 fine last month, which has now gone up to £120, if she continues to appeal it, it could rise to £1,000 and a court appearance.

She said: “The only way I could go and do the job was to take him with me.

“I spoke to the school and they were amazing, they said he would learn so much there, which he did. I understand the fining system and I would not normally take him out of school but this was exceptional circumstances.

“It is frustrating because my colleague took her two children out of high school, to go on a holiday to Florida, but she was not fined, I take my child out of lower school, for work, and I am fined, how is that fair?”

While in Korea, her son turned nine, and she says he experienced the Korean culture.

She said: “Over the fortnight he spent with me, he learned a job as a stage hand where he was responsible for looking after equipment, started to learn the piano, guitar and drums under private tuition, learnt the basics of the Korean language from his friend Song.

“He also travelled around the country visiting museums and temples, sampled a different culture and their food, learnt all about different currencies and how to convert it into sterling and he also carried out school work and mastered his 12 times tables.”

A spokesman for CBC said: “Whilst a parent has the right to make an application to a headteacher for ‘leave of absence’, the Department for Education states that headteachers should only authorise this if the circumstances relating to the application are exceptional.

“It is for the headteacher to decide on each individual application

“Anyone who feels they have unfairly received a penalty notice for their child being absent from school should follow the school’s complaints procedure.”

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