Record number offered first choice school place in Bucks

A record number of 5,346 children have been offered a place at their first choice school in Buckinghamshire.

However with the expected increase in the number of applications, the percentage rate for first choice allocations is slightly down on last year at 84.2%. (compared to 85.2%)

A further 696 applicants were offered a place at either their second, third or fourth choice of preferred primary schools.

Despite the on-going and significant increase in the population of primary school age children in Buckinghamshire since 2012, once again every family who applied for a primary school place starting September this year has been offered a place.

Mike Appleyard, Buckinghamshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Education and Skills said: “I am delighted that so many children are getting a place in one of the primary schools for which they had a preference, although I do acknowledge that not everybody was able to get their first choice.

“Many of our schools are very popular and, like all authorities in England, it is just not possible for us to give everyone a place at their first preference school.

“I know that all our schools put their pupils first and do their utmost to give them the best possible education.

“The school place allocation situation is ever-changing with people moving in and out of the county, and parents accepting places elsewhere, so the full picture will not be known until the first day of school in September.”.