‘Significant’ improvement in Cottesloe’s GCSE results

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At The Cottesloe School in Wing, headteacher Andy McBurnie said there had been a significant improvement in GCSE results.

He said the new government performance indicator, Progress 8, had seen the school move from +0.08 in summer 2015 up to +0.21 this year – demonstrating that a large number of students achieved above national expectation in their best eight subjects.

He said: “I am very proud of the continued improvement seen at the Cottesloe. The students and staff have worked so hard to ensure the best possible results have been achieved. It was wonderful to see the delight and pride on the students’ faces.”

He added that a number of students had achieved stunning results:

Kristina Calver 9A*, 2 A

Lee Saunders 5A*, 5A

Annabelle Moffat 3A*, 5A, 2B

Troy Blake 3A*, 7A