TV presenter brings the art of entertaining to Leighton school

Mary Bassett Lower School's Art Attack visit from artist Lloyd Warbey
Mary Bassett Lower School's Art Attack visit from artist Lloyd Warbey

A TV presenter showed Leighton schoolchildren there’s an art to enjoying lessons.

As part of art week, Mary Bassett Lower School had a three-day visit from artist Lloyd Warbey, who presents Art Attack on the Disney Junior channel.

Pupils contributed ideas and Lloyd worked with them to create a magnificent artwork based on the theme ‘We all share the same sky’.

The collaborative work was an opportunity for the school to reflect on the diversity of individuals but also how everyone is connected as a school community.

The composition was created using mixed media including collage, paint and drawing and made use of lots of recycled materials to reinforce the importance of protecting the environment.

Headteacher Kristian Hewitt said: “Lloyd provided dynamic and engaging sessions that stimulated the children’s imaginations and enabled everyone to take part – just like he is on the TV!”

Other art activities during art week included observational drawing classes around the school site with children developing their ability to notice details; self-portraits have been created providing a chance for children to consider how to draw the human form; 3D art, and created ‘Stick men’ sculptures using natural resources and clay.

Year groups have also focused on learning about a range of different art movements and styles, including cubism, impressionism, pop art, futurism and Aboriginal art.

The week culminated in an art exhibition where families of children were invited to see the school Art Attack and a range of the works created by children of all ages.

Headteacher Kristian Hewitt said: “As a keen artist myself I have had great pleasure in seeing art celebrated this week.

“It is important that children are taught art throughout their school life and it has been exciting seeing all our staff get stuck in and enjoying the process of learning art.

“It has provided us an opportunity to make use of our many outdoor spaces and see how nature can be part of the artworks we produce. I have been blown away by the imagination and creativity of the children in the school and can only hope they are inspired to be continually curious about the opportunities that art provides.

“Having Lloyd Warbey at the school for three days has been a great privilege and has helped the children see how art can be created on a whole different scale than they are used to. No doubt the children will remember their experiences this week for many, many years to come.”

Local schools have recently launched a ‘Year of the Arts’ to encourage exploration of the skills, abilities and personal character that arts education provides for young people.

At Mary Bassett Lower School children have had lots of opportunities to try out a wide range of art activities and develop the skills needed to be imaginative and successful artists.