Water way to celebrate World Book Day!

Recent heavy downpours were the inspiration for Eaton Bray Academy pupils and staff when they celebrated World Book Day on Friday.

The school’s topic for this term is ‘Water Water Everywhere’, which was quite approriate as it turned out, given the amount of rain that has fallen this winter.

Eaton Bray Academy

Eaton Bray Academy

And it was also the theme for World Book Day fun, with the children asked to come to school dressed up as a character from a book connected to water.

These included The Little Mermaid, Treasure Island, Finding Nemo or The Shark In The Park.

The youngsters have enjoyed plenty of water-themed fun this term, including scientific experiments, art activities, mapping the stream through the village and finding out about canals.

The older children enjoyed a fantastic trip to a London theatre to watch a production of Wind In The Willows and some of the other pupils will soon be visiting a water mill to discover how water helps in the production of paper.