Will ‘destablising’ school expansion be approved?


A planning application to expand a Leighton lower school will be debated by councillors on Wednesday, May 27.

Under the plans from Central Beds Council, Clipstone Brook will have the room to take on an extra 150 pupils to cope with the growing population in the area.

A report to the council’s development management committee makes no mention of the concerns of St George’s and Beaudesert lower schools who have previously claimed they already have the space to deal with more pupils.

St George’s headteacher Marea Rawlings has called the expansion – together with a similar expansion for Leedon Lower – as “destabilising”.

At Clipstone Brook the existing building will be expanded to provide new classrooms, cloakrooms, toilets and a library area. A new staffroom and drama room will also be provided with more play space outside and changes to access and parking at the school.

The report states that neighbouring properties have concerns about traffic, building on a flood plain.

Officers are recommending that councillors vote in favour of the expansion.