Electrical fault which caused ‘explosion’ saw fire crews cordon off Leighton Buzzard substation

An aerial view of the site. Credit: Graham Mountford.
An aerial view of the site. Credit: Graham Mountford.

Shocked Leighton Buzzard families heard an “explosion” at an electricity substation, which resulted in fire fighters cordoning off the area.

On Saturday (September 22) at about 22.17pm a loud bang was heard coming from the Woodman Close UK Power Networks site, with a local resident quickly making a call to Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue.

After crews arrived and cordoned off the area, it was discovered that an electrical fault had caused the “explosion” and UK Power Networks were contacted in order to fix the problem.

One eyewitness claimed on social media: “All excitement down Woodman Close tonight!

“Something blew in the electricity sub station - flames, explosions, the lot! My other half phoned the fire brigade.

“Two rigs turned up in less than 10 minutes! Well done lads and lasses - cracking job!... So grateful to the lovely fire crews for making us feel safe.”

A Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue spokesman, said: “I can confirm that two pumps from Leighton Buzzard Community Fire Station attended this incident after a call from a member of the public was received at 22.17pm on Saturday, September 22.

“They had witnessed a flash and a bang from the premises.

“Crews carried out a 360 inspection of the building with a thermal imaging camera to check for any heat sources caused by fire but found none.

“Some electrical insulation had failed and had tripped the site into its fail safe mode.

“Crews were able to access risk information for the site and contacted UK Power Networks who attended.

“Our crews ensured they put in a cordon in place to protect the public and liaised with UK Power Networks before handing the scene over to them for repair.”

A UK Power Networks spokeswoman, said: “UK Power Networks engineers have replaced a piece of equipment on overhead power lines which developed a fault shortly before 11pm on Saturday night (Sept 22).

“The repair was completed by 4.17am on Sunday and no power supplies were affected.”