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Community news

by Sue Palmer from the Volunteer Centre at Bossard House, West Street, Leighton Buzzard...

Do you have an engineering background? Maybe you have experience in practical projects and problem solving. If so, you may be interested in REMAP.

REMAP volunteers use their ingenuity and skills to help people with disabilities by providing unique pieces of equipment which are not commercially available to buy.

Working closely with the client and healthcare professionals, the volunteers come up with innovative solutions which enable those with disabilities to enjoy independent and fulfilling lives.

The designs aren’t necessarily complicated; in fact the beauty of much of the equipment lies in its simplicity. For example, in 2014 the North Bedfordshire Panel were tasked with designing and making a device to enable a lady to carry on knitting when she only had effective use of one arm. The result was a support to cradle the affected arm, enabling the needle to be held, and then a groove cut into the knitting needle to retain the stitches.

Similarly a lady with arthritic hands and a back problem was unable to operate the floor-level control knob of her gas fire.  REMAP engineers fashioned a bespoke poker with a forked end, which engaged with a specially produced control knob, enabling the lady to use her fire again.

From adapting sporting equipment to creating devices enabling independent living, REMAP helps 4000 people across the British Isles every year. Yet, whilst some of the biggest engineering and production employers are, or have been, based in this area, ironically there is a lack of REMAP volunteers in South Central Bedfordshire.

So whether you are currently employed in engineering, or have retired, there are projects out there that require a little skill, creativity and ingenuity.

If you like the sound of working with a team of like-minded individuals, with projects that make a huge difference to others, let us know.

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