Enjoy the caravan site from hell!

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‘Third Week In August’... Not exactly the dates the title implies, but the title of the next play by Cheddington Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS), writes Deborah Hodgetts.

Come along and enjoy a comedy set in a caravan site, with much confusion and mix-ups, that give rise to plenty of laughs and a whole new slant on caravanning holidays.

When Sue decides to try a ‘get away from everybody’ caravan holiday, little does she realise that she’s booked into the caravan site from hell. She is soon taken under the wing of expert but inadequate caravaner, Neville … that’s when he’s not engaged in battle with his wife or trying to cope with his difficult sister-in-law.

Matters become complicated with the arrival of the enthusiastic Tony and his complaining girlfriend, Jenny. When Neville decides that a communal barbecue is the order of the day, things really start to hot up!

If you’ve ever been near a caravan site, you’ll recognise them all.

‘Third Week In August’ by Peter Gordonis a production where anything can happen, and it most likely will. Pack your suitcase, a flask and some sandwiches, and get yourselves to this imaginative CADS production, which will be performed at 8pm on Friday, May 20 and Saturday, May 21, at Cheddington Village Hall.

Tickets are £6.50 and concessions £5.00. Box Office: 01296 662398.

Grab your tickets and head off to a memorable experience. But don’t take too long or you may lose your pitch!