Anglian Water ‘responsible’

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Employment news

Councillor Dave Bowater has reached boiling point with Anglian Water.

“I’m fed up of people collaring me about the roadworks on Stanbridge Road and temporary traffic lights at the roundabout for Marley Fields and The Chilterns,” he said. “They are the responsibility of Anglian Water and not the council.”

He said the water authority had been contacted prior to the resurfacing of Stanbridge Road: “But they chose not to use this as an opportunity to save money by checking their mains – perhaps this is the reason for the 30 percent increase in my water bill this year.”

He added: “Even though the work appears to be finished, they’ve left all their paraphernalia over the weeknd. It’s diabolical.”

An Anglian Water spokesman said a team had been sent to look for leaks when the resurfacing was done but didn’t find any, although one was found subsequently. “This was on a critical part of the system and we were unable to delay work,” he said. “The job was completed over the weekend and the traffic management system is due to be removed as soon as possible.”