Constant pounding noise in Linslade may last two weeks

The site in Bossington Lane
The site in Bossington Lane

A relentless pounding noise in Linslade has led several residents to get in touch with the LBO.

The noise began on Friday at a site Bossington Lane (via Faulkner’s Way) in Linslade where a bungalow has been knocked down.

One resident, Lorraine Bateman, of The Paddocks, told the LBO: “They are now ‘piling’, which basically means a huge machine is pounding into the earth pretty much all day between 8am and 4.30pm.

“I live behind Bossington Lane in The Paddocks and work from home so this constant noise is not only incredibly distracting but literally drives you mad, plus my dogs find it very unsettling.

Lorraine said she was told by the builders that the ‘piling’ would last for two weeks.

She added: The poor residents in the houses opposite have said that their ornaments are jumping off the shelves.

“I have written this on day three at 8.33am and already my nerves are shattered. It is literally living a nightmare, having a constant thud going off every 30 seconds.”

If you’ve been affected too, email with your views.