Mad motorists drive through road block and into asbestos

Dumped asbestos along the road
Dumped asbestos along the road

Reckless drivers took it upon themselves to dismantle a police road block and drive over sheets of dumped asbestos – releasing it into the air.

It was on Thursday, July 7 at around 10.20 pm that asbestos cement-roofing sheets were dumped on Ledburn Road in Mentmore and Mentmore Road in Cheddington.

Thames Valley Police attended and stopped traffic until Bucks County Council closed the road.

But it appears some drivers weren’t prepared to accept the road closure – in spite of the dangerous waste it guarded.

Mentmore Parish Council chairman Peter Brazier said: “It was a complete shock the next morning as drivers got out of their cars and dismantled the police road block.

“They proceeded to drive over the sheeting, smashing it and releasing the asbestos. This is totally irresponsible behaviour – nearly as bad as those who dumped the waste in the first place!”

The tip was cleared the next day by specialist contractors and the road re-opened.

A spokesman for Bucks County Council confirmed the incident took place and said: “To ensure the safety of the public, the road was closed by the police.

“Unfortunately, members of the public then removed the road closure and proceeded to drive across the waste material which was partially blocking the road.

“Contractors working for Buckinghamshire County Council cleared the waste material as a priority the next day, and the case is now being investigated.

“If anyone who noticed suspicious behaviour in the Mentmore or Ledburn area on Thursday evening, they are urged to contact the council on 01296 480771 or 0845 330 1856.”