The badgers are back

Another resident has come forward about unwanted garden visitors, after our stories about Leighton’s badger invasion.

Last month, we reported how residents in Windsor Avenue, Bassett Road, Albany Road and Plantation Road were plagued with badger damage.

And this week Andy Doyle, of Peartree Lane, got in touch with his own badger nightmare which he’s endured for the past three years.

After installing new fencing in his back garden, he thought he’d solved the problem. But two weeks ago, he woke to find the badgers had broken in again and left a mess.

He said: “They have dug a hole from our neighbours garden to ours, both gardens are a state, this is the worst damage we have seen in three years.

“The whole street has had quite a lot of problems. The Alms Houses at the rear of our properties have had surveys done which have concluded that the badgers have done a lot of damage and as a result there are trees at risk of falling, and potential structural damage to one or more properties.”

Nancy Reeds, Bedfordshire Reserves Officer for the Wildlife Trust, said: “Badgers are very determined and strong creatures of habit – they’ve probably set up a regular route into a garden, having found a food source perhaps.

“Once they’ve got that, it will be very hard to put them off.”

Mr Doyle added: “We really are at our wits’ end and don’t know what else we can do to get rid of them. They are a right pain but there is nothing we can do about it.

“I have installed heat and motion sprinklers in the garden which will be on all the time. It has cost a lot of money, but I hope it scares them off.”

A spokesman for Natural England stated that when serious problems with badgers are occurring, people can seek advice from the Wildlife Licensing Unit on 0845 601 4523 who will aim to find a long-term, sustainable solution.