Fairtrade treat for schoolchildren

Fairtrade visit to Waitrose
Fairtrade visit to Waitrose

During Fairtrade Fortnight a group of Fairtraders from Heathwood Lower School, a Fairtrade school, spent a morning visiting Waitrose.

They were shown around the bakery, chill and freezer rooms the warehouse and shown how cardboard boxes are sent for recycling.

Then came the tempting bit - students had a mouth-watering time tasting patisterie, a large range of cheeses, inspected the meat and had a close encounter with a number of different type of fish.

Being “Fairtraders” the purpose of this visit was to present Waitrose with Fairtrade a poster designed by Jessica Barrow, one of the students and of course to view the range of Fairtrade products on offer at the store.

The students went happily back to school with complimentary goodie bags of Fairtrade products.