Fighting cancer through white collar boxing

Biomedical scientist Lois Knight signed up for ultra white collar boxing so she could raise money for cancer research while increasing her fitness levels.

But the course has given her an unexpected bonus – a number of new friends. “Even though we may be trying to hit each other in the face in a few months’ time,” she quipped.

“As a competitor, I get eight weeks’ training, before being matched against someone in the ring in front of hundreds of people – all in the name of charity.

“In exchange, we’re expected to raise as much as possible for Cancer Research UK and sell a minimum of 20 tickets for the event.”
It’s a cause close to the heart of the former Cedars Upper student, who now lives in Meadow Way with husband Stephen.

Lois, 29, said: “Every family has a close encounter with cancer at some point, so it affects everyone.

“Several of our friends and relatives have been diagnosed with it. My uncle is currently battling bowel cancer and, fingers crossed, the treatment seems to be working.

“But it’s only thanks to the hard work of people at Cancer Research UK that so many effective treatments are now available to combat the disease.”

Lois also looked on the training as an opportunity to try something she had never considered before.

She said: “It takes place at Total Dojo in Milton Keynes. I’m only in my second week but I’m really enjoying it. It’s already been the most physically demanding experience of my life.

“I did five sessions last week, learned a lot about boxing and left each time drenched in sweat and aching all over as I used muscles I hadn’t ever used before.

“It’s been difficult and painful, but I’m excited about how fit I’m likely to be at the end of it.”

Lois admits to being apprehensive about the black tie event at Stantonbury Leisure Cente in Milton Keynes on Sunday, July 3: “But I know it’s nothing like the fear of facing cancer.”

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