Fire service step in to save hundreds of fish by topping up water in dried out Leighton Buzzard pond

The pond at Astral Park
The pond at Astral Park

Hundreds of fish were saved from drying out in a Leighton Buzzard pond on Tuesday when the fire service arrived to top up its water levels.

The pond outside Astral Park Community Centre is home to hundred of carp fish that were struggling in shallow water due to the recent hot weather.

After several calls from members of the public, the chief fire officer of Beds Fire and Rescue Service sent a team from Leighton Buzzard Fire Station to the rescue.

Leighton Buzzard Station Commander, Stuart Auger, said: “We received a number of calls from concerned members of the public regarding the water levels of the pond at the Astral Park Community Centre, which is home to 100 carp.

“After consultation with the Environment Agency and the local council we took the decision to top up the water level to keep the fish alive and well.”

Leighton Linslade Town Clerk Mark Saccoccio added: “As part of the Sandhills development, the body of water found at Astral Park is in fact a balancing pond and not an ornamental pond.

“Its purpose is to collect storm water from the Sandhills development thereby reducing the potential for the estate to be flooded during periods of prolonged and heavy rainfall.

“The balancing pond works by slowly releasing the grey water collected from the estate which typically would be replenished when it rains. The fact that it is running dry is a perfectly normal function of a balancing pond.

“As we experience one of the longest periods of drought in recorded history, this has meant that the water level within the pond continues to fall which is now compromising the wellbeing of the fish which find themselves there.

“With water levels falling and no sign of rain, the Town Council would ask any civic minded angler to offer their help and advice in removing the fish to a more suitable location. If you are willing to help in any way, please do not hesitate in contacting the Town Council on 01525 631920 or Astral Park on 01525 851019.”