Flipping heck, a great month for us foodies!

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Leighton Buzzard Writers’ weekly LBO column. This week by Rebecca Wilson...

It’s Pancake Day and the residents of Leighton Buzzard are flipping, whisking and drizzling away whilst debating the merits of sweet over savoury.

February is definitely a great month for food, bringing with it endless opportunities for eating.

The January diets have been ditched, the weather is still cold enough for comfort food and forget about romance, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to indulge in gastronomic delights: chocolates, gourmet dinners and bubbly.

At Wilson Towers, food is our first love. Our weekends and holidays are all about food: not just eating it but talking and thinking about it.

Socialising with friends always involves food. When working in Singapore -- possibly my favourite place on earth thanks to its utter devotion to food and eating -- I noticed that it is business etiquette to immediately enquire if someone has eaten as a form of greeting.

It seems that my love of food is shared by Leighton and the surrounding villages. The town is a cornucopia of restaurants, cafes and eateries representing a huge range of cuisines.

Italian, Indian, Chinese, Thai, fish and chips, British pub food, wine bars, fast food; they’re all here. Several charming cafes can be found sprinkled around the town centre serving wonderful fry-ups and home-made cakes.

The Leighton farmers’ market is hugely popular and I’m a big fan of the nearby farm shops. Even in the smallest village there is nearly always an Indian restaurant as well as a pub serving up traditional fayre. Wing, for example, boasts two pubs offering excellent food, two Indian restaurants and a Chinese/fish and chip shop – very impressive for a relatively small village.

Every August Bank Holiday we make our annual pilgrimage to the Woburn Sands Chilli Festival to watch the somewhat painful but astonishing chilli eating competition and sample such delights as chilli beer and chilli cupcakes.

We always come home with chilli sauce so fiery that it has a warning on the bottle. I adore hot food and I always maintain that eating chillies is the culinary equivalent of skydiving.

So whatever your favourite cuisine, bon appetit everyone!