Flying club moved as council probe crashes

The risk of remote controlled planes to homes and residents has led to the relocation of a popular flying club.

Leighton-Linslade Town Council stepped in after receiving reports of model aircraft posing a hazard to homeowners around Astral Park, with two known crashes in the last two years.

One remote controlled plane was said to have smashed on impact when it crashed into a garden close to the park earlier this year, while another was found behind homes at the end of Middleton Way.

Following concerns from residents the council investigated the issue.

Though there is no indication that any member of the Buzzard Flying Club were involved either incident, the council has asked the enthusiasts’ group to move its meets to the land behind Astral Park, further away from homes in the area.

The club were given permission to use the land by Central Beds Council, which owns the site.

Debbie Marsh, Leighton- Linslade Town Council’s corporate governance manager, told the LBO: “The club were not moved away due to complaints about them but to keep everyone safe.

“Those enthusiasts should not be precluded and hopefully this will satisfy concerns.”