Footage of ‘shaking’ house shows what Hockliffe residents have had to endure due to faulty machine used in A5 roadworks

‘Shaking’ houses and sleep deprivation caused by excessive noise from a faulty machine have led the Highways Agency to postpone roadworks along the A5 at Hockliffe.

The work to repair the busy road surface began on Thursday, June 14, and residents who live on the A5 and roads close to it soon complained about the misery from the disturbance.

Roadworks on the A5 in Hockliffe have now been stopped by Highways England

Roadworks on the A5 in Hockliffe have now been stopped by Highways England

Steven Carter-Hounslow has lived in the village since 2005. He said: “The windows, floor and doors all shake now, when lorries go past the place shakes and the doors rattle.

“There are a few people that I know that have had their homes shaking since the roadworks started, and one of them doesn’t even live on this road.

“It is a misery for residents, we are not getting any sleep because they are doing the work during the night and then when we do get to sleep lorries go past and the house shakes.”

In an email to the Highways Agency sent last Tuesday, and copied to the LBO, MP Andrew Selous and Transport Secretary Chris Grayling, another resident Ross Davison said: “The road is louder than it has ever been. The vibrations from the traffic on the uneven road shake the whole house as if the traffic has been diverted through my kitchen.

“I can’t tell you how unbearable this is for not only myself and my family but for most of the families on this road. You really have no idea of the disruption this has caused.”

He added: “Tonight however you are directly outside my two-year-old’s bedroom window with a great big whacker plate, generator and truck all running. They are loud enough to wake the whole village. Please sort this out.”

Highways England stopped the work on Wednesday, June 20. A spokesman for the agency said: “We started work to repair the road surface on the A5 in and around Hockliffe on 14 June, using a new method which will help prevent the formation of pot holes next winter.

“Unfortunately we have become aware that the machine we have been using was not functioning properly, causing too much vibration and noise. We realise this has caused disruption for residents in Hockliffe, for which we apologise, and have therefore decided to postpone the works through Hockliffe until we are able to address these issues.

“We will continue to complete the work outside of Hockliffe, where the road isn’t as near to homes, now to avoid further disruption for road users.

“We will ensure we give local residents plenty of advance warning before we come back to complete the last section of repair works in Hockliffe.”