Football mad Wing family munch through a Snickers bar at all 92 English league clubs to help village in Nepal

Snickers bar challenge at Barnsley
Snickers bar challenge at Barnsley

A Wing family trio completed a chomping challenge by eating 92 Snickers bars – each one outside a different football ground – to raise funds and help a village in Nepal.

Cottesloe School pupil George Wood, 15, along with his father, Andrew, and grandfather, John Wright, spent half term haring across England and Wales to have a chocolate bar outside football clubs in the top four divisions, munching their way through a whopping 24,000 calories.

Manchester City

Manchester City

The three generations finished their challenge on June 2, and are hoping to raise £3,800 for George’s World Challenge trip, in which he and his fellow students will visit Nepal and help improve life for a village community.

Speaking on Friday (June 1), dad Andrew, 48, said: “We’re still going – we have driven just over 2,000 miles. We’re in Exmoor at the moment; we’ve just been to Plymouth and now we are going to Exeter.

“We’ve added an extra half day otherwise it would be nearly impossible to do, and on Saturday we will be finishing at Wycombe Wanderers.

“We’ve been getting up at half six every morning and trying to be on the road at seven. We don’t stop until 8pm at night. We only really get a break for photos - ten minutes at each!

At Bournemouth's stadium

At Bournemouth's stadium

“We have banter in the van and have been chatting away putting music on - it keeps us going. We’ve still got about 12 stadiums to do.

“There’s Cardiff, Newport and Swansea, Bristol, and then we’ll be heading up the M4 to stadiums including Swindon, Oxford, Reading, and Wycombe.”

The trio started at 10am on Saturday, May 26, outside Griffin Park, (home of Brentford FC), originally planning to finish at stadium MK, but decided to add it in early as it was just a short trip down the M1 after they had visited Leicester City.

John, Andrew and George have enjoyed their Marathon challenge, once, of course, they had explained to George that this was the former name of a Snickers bar!

Andrew added: “‘Why not run a marathon?’ they’d said to me. ‘I couldn’t even run a bath! I’d much rather eat a marathon’

“The idea was a combination of mine and George’s.

“The stadiums we enjoyed the most were Macclesfield (Cheshire), because a maintenance man who was painting the stands showed us round and we saw the changing rooms etcetera, and at Oldham we had similar treatment.

“We were also given short shrift at a couple of grounds and were chased off them - OK well maybe that’s an exaggeration - but it’s all good fun!”

Speaking during their trip, George said: “It’s a little tough and it’s getting to the point where all the stadiums are merging into one, and I’m forgetting which one was which!

“The [World Challenge] opportunity came up at school and I thought it would be brilliant to go to Nepal - I have never been before.

“We will be out on a 14 day trek called a Rolwaling trek, where we will be walking round parallel to Everest, so we will get to see the mountain.

“During the third week will be building a house in a poorer village, and I’m looking forward to meeting the people and being able to help them.”

George’s father, being from Barnsley, is a Barnsley supporter, while his grandfather is from London and supports Arsenal.

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