For he’s a jolly good Fellowes – aged 100!

Francis Fellowes toasts his 100th birthday
Francis Fellowes toasts his 100th birthday

It’s not every birthday you get a card from The Queen, but Francis Fellowes – who celebrated turning 100 over the weekend – was old enough at last to receive his formal congratulations from the monarch.

The retired quantity surveyor was surrounded by his family, including two children, four grandchildren and five great grandchildren, in a birthday bash at Laburnum Court care home that everyone was sure to remember.

Originally from Dorset, and resident for many years in Ealing, Francis has lived in Leighton for the last few years to be close to family members after the death of his late wife Marjorie. In a heartfelt speech, Francis said it was “glorious” to have all his family present and paid tribute to his two children for looking out for him. He said: “It’s something I never had to do, my father died when he was young.”

Francis served his country throughout the Second World War, mainly in Africa before moving up to Italy.