Frightful holiday as fire breaks out on Isle of Man ferry

The Ben-my-Chree ferry
The Ben-my-Chree ferry

Poor Hazel Turner from Stoke Hammond has got all the luck when it comes to holidays...

A whirlwind trip to Bermuda proved just that as a hurricane struck the island.

While a holiday to Sicily was only mildly disturbed by a volcanic eruption.

And lets not forget a recent adventure to New Zealand – which happened just as Christchurch experienced disastrous floods.

Hazel laughed as she told the LBO: “My daughter Victoria said, ‘We can’t let you go anywhere Mum!’”

On Saturday, May 16, the Ben-my-Chree ferry travelling from the Isle of Man to Heysham caught fire.

And you’ll never guess who was on it.

Hazel said: “A fire broke out and the captain cut all engines and passengers had to go to Muster Stations for most of the journey.

“The crew initially thought it was a practice! However there was no panic and the crew were tremendous.  The drifting was not very pleasant though.

“The RNLI were called but weren’t needed thankfully as the crew managed to put the fire out. There was a fire engine waiting at Heysham for the boat.”

In spite of the fire drama, Hazel recommended the Isle of Man as a holiday destination.

She said: “It really is a stunning place to visit – and there are no pot holes on any of the roads!”