From shoot-out thrillers to Bridget Jones’s Diary for Leighton actress

Chloe's big night
Chloe's big night

An up-and-coming actress from Leighton Buzzard graced the red carpet for the London premiere of her latest flick.

Chloe DeBurgh, 37, starred in Unborn Justice, a short action thiller directed by Mission Impossible actor Sean Cronin.

After a showing at Cannes, Chloe was thrilled with the response at its premiere at London’s BAFTA on May 26.

“It was absolutely amazing, the reception was fantastic - we had a wonderful audience.

“It’s the kind of thing you’re looking for, that you’ve fulfilled your role. It gives you a temendous buzz.

“It’s only 24 minutes long, but it packs a lot of story in that time. I felt very privileged to work on it.”

But a starring role in a short action flick is just one of a number of projects mum-of-two Chloe has been working on.

She is currently writing the script for a short film and is having talks to star in a period drama.

She also found herself on-screen in the latest Bridget Jones movie after working as a stand-in on set.

“I was really lucky,” Chloe said. “I was told by one of the assistant directors that they’d noted my professionalism and they said, ‘we want to make sure you get a featured role’.

“They basically pulled me into a scene improvising with Colin Firth. He was an absolute gentleman. It started off quite formal because he’s very serious and professional. But he’s got the most lovely side to him and is very considerate to people. To improvise with an Oscar winner, it’s got to be every actor’s dream!”

Juggling acting with part-time jobs can be a challenge for the working mum.

“It can be really hard but I’m feeling extremely positive and a lot more creative,” she said.