Future of Linslade Horticultural Society uncertain

Ralph Skingle
Ralph Skingle

The future of Linslade Horticultural Society still hangs in the balance after there were not enough members to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

The meeting was held on Thursday, March 2, as the society was hoping to make a decision about its future, a previous appeal for new members and a new chairman being unsuccessful.

Ralph Skingle, society chairman, said: “There has been no decision at this stage. There were no candidates to take the post of chairman and insufficient members present according to our constitution to vote on the future of the society.

“Therefore, we’ll be calling an Emergency General Meeting in the near future.”

Ralph, 77, has been chairman of the society for about ten years. He has been trying to step down for a few years but no-one has come forward to fill the post, Ralph admitting: “If new officers do not come forward, the committee has decided that it will have to close.”

Their Spring Show will still be going ahead on Saturday, April 1.