Gardener hospitalised after bull attack

A bull. (stock image)
A bull. (stock image)

A gardener from Leighton Buzzard was gored by a bull in the chest while working on a farm in the area.

Lee Harris was working at the farm on Monday, June 27, when he was attacked by the bull in a field .

He was gored in the chest by the bulls horn’s and spent five days in hospital.

From 2006 to 2011 the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) reported 56 cases in which members of the public were injured by cattle – eight of these incidents were fatal.

Although there is a specific law which controls the keeping of bulls in fields with public access to them, this doesn’t apply to cows and bullocks which can also sometimes behave aggressively.

If you’re attacked or suffer a frightening incident, report this to the landowner and the highway authority, and also the HSE and police if it’s of a serious nature.