Get a fresh outlook on healthy exercise

Bryn Jenkins,  a personal trainer from Leighton Buzzard
Bryn Jenkins, a personal trainer from Leighton Buzzard

By Bryn Jenkins, a personal trainer from Leighton Buzzard...

For most of history, humans have lived, worked and spent most their time outside – yet modern humans spend a whopping 93% of their lives indoors, inside buildings or vehicles!

Being outside has a number of health benefits – as does exercise of course!

Not only is the sun a natural healer, but just five minutes of exercise in a ‘green space’ is enough to make you feel happier and less stressed, according to recent research.

One study has shown that after a 30-minute walk in the park, 71% of people feel less stressed, while 72% of 
people who take their walks indoors actually feel more stressed.

Indoor air is also more polluted than outdoor air – each person in your home will consume roughly 2,500 gallons of air each day, 
and every time a person takes just one breath, it degrades the quality of the air indoors.

As humans and animals inhale and exhale, the oxygen levels plummet and the levels of poisonous carbon dioxide increase.

These higher carbon 
dioxide levels cause headaches, fatigue, attention deficit, unrest even after sleeping, and many other
indoor air related symp-
toms that people don’t generally connect to poor air quality.

Indoor gyms therefore aren’t always the meccas of health we make them out to be.

A whole range of studies show that gyms are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.

So, if you’re planning for a big event this summer, or looking forward to your holiday on the beach, ditch the four walls and stale air of the gym, and head outdoors!

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