Give a boost to UCAS applications and CVs

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Community news

by Sue Palmer from the Volunteer Centre at Bossard House, West Street, Leighton Buzzard...

With mock exam season underway, teenagers across the country will be anxiously considering their futures; weighing up options for how to get on in life as the compulsory school years, and the era of a pre-mapped itinerary, draws to a close.

With many options available, such as university, vocational training, careers and travel, taking stock of the possibilities and making a decision can be a daunting task. But, no matter what path young adults choose to take, one thing that can give them a head start to achieving success is a ‘vInspired award’.

vInspired is a charity dedicated to enabling young people to develop their skills and employability through volunteering, and their nationally recognised awards for 13-25 year olds give a boost to UCAS applications and CVs.

Increasingly we find that many young people we speak to have already done enough to earn their first certificate; they just don’t realise it.

They may not have formally volunteered through a volunteer centre, but if they are pro-active in their community, have been involved in a fundraising week at school, or attended a summer camp that included a conservation task or an environmental study, they could find they have already accrued ten hours of activity which qualifies them for their first certificate; a ‘V10’.

So far, over 150,000 young people have used to demonstrate their activity in the community and our Youth Volunteering Adviser is on hand at the Volunteer Centre to help young people gain this recognition for activities they have taken part in, whether it be through school, community groups or other avenues.

Also on offer is the V25 and the V50 certificate, but the ultimate goal is the V100 which recognises 100 hours of community activity, and we can provide fun and interesting ways to help young people achieve this.

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