Give mum a seasonal breakfast in bed!

Becky Cotter, Food for Thought, MPLO
Becky Cotter, Food for Thought, MPLO

Food For Thought by Becky Cotter (Becky lives in Leighton and writes a food blog called Veghotpot (

Mornings are starting to get lighter and, although still cold, March always brings a little glimmer of hope for the approaching spring and the end of winter. Seasonal produce this time of year is colourful and healthy with fresh fruits, fish and greens in abundance.

March also brings another holiday our way. Mother’s day is on March 15, so why not take advantage of the beautiful foods around at the moment and make your mum breakfast in bed! Or even better, get the kids to make it!

Breakfast is a great meal to get children involved in; the key to the perfect breakfast in bed is to keep it simple. Focus on recipes that are easy to eat whilst balancing a tray on your lap and avoid any fiddly dishes that require assembly whilst eating.

Toast with local lemon curd or rhubarb jam can be cut into heart shapes using cookie cutters making it fun and easy to make for all ages. Both lemons and rhubarb are in season and you can pick up a wonderful handmade lemon Curd by Mrs Darlington from Peck’s Farm Shop.

Something like an omelette is easily consumed without mess! There are so many fish in season at the moment including salmon, mackerel and haddock so why not buy smoked varieties and make a seafood omelette. Get the kids to help crack the eggs and flake the fish. Blood oranges are also still in season, high in vitamin C and A, calcium and Folic Acid, they make a great seasonal twist to your everyday glass of orange juice. Freshly squeeze them to make your mother’s day breakfast that extra bit special!

Or encourage some baking and make simple muffins or pastries the night before meaning a quick preparation time in the morning. Decorate the plate with seasonal fruits such as passionfruit, kiwi and pineapple and why not add some daffodils and snow drops to spruce up the tray. Whatever your level of cookery skills, give this Mother’s Day a personal touch with a simple yet seasonal breakfast in bed. It will be appreciated!