Gobsmacked man says: 'I saw a CHEETAH on the prowl in Linslade!'

A man claims he saw a cheetah walking about in Linslade
A man claims he saw a cheetah walking about in Linslade

A man says he was left gobsmacked after claiming he saw a CHEETAH walking about in Linslade.

The man, who does not wish to be named, told the LBO he saw the animal prowling near Tesco Express in Grasmere Way at around 2pm on Thursday, September 26.

He said: "I was out having my lunch and when I looked towards the field next to Tesco, I saw something that looked like a cat moving strangely.

"But then I realised that this thing was massive.

"It was traversing the green and I could see its head was shaped exactly like a cheetah.

"I looked at its tail and it was spotted with a tell-tale white tip at the end."

Curious to find out more, the man gathered his things and went to look for the animal - which is notoriously nervous around human beings.

He said: "Obviously, it wasn't waiting for me and it had disappeared by the time I got there.

"I then got in touch with Whipsnade Zoo to see if a cheetah had escaped, but they said no...

"What I saw was definitely a large cat. It was not huge, maybe two or three times the size of a normal tabby cat. It was long-shaped and very slim.

"I'm curious to see if anyone else has seen this cheetah in Linslade."

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