Gold medals and new PBs to end the year for Crusaders

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A VERY strong Linslade Crusaders team took part in the annual City of Milton Keynes Swim Club Christmas Cracker event at Bletchley Leisure Centre recently.

The event races, swum against individual competitors from other clubs from around the region, are very competitive and allow the swimmers to record some all important county times ahead of the championships in the spring.

The middle of the three sessions also gave a chance for the eight-year-olds to have their first taste of competitive individual swimming outside their own club, with races specifically for then being held across distances of 50m.

Head coach Adrian Smith congratulated the team who gained an impressive haul of medals and personal best times, including gold for Dan Hill, Annalise Wright, Nick Kent, Ellie Matthews, Daisy Saunders, Jack Sugars and Finn Bunyard.

To top a great day the Linslade Crusaders ‘A’ team also won the kick relay event, thanks to hard work and no disqualifications.

Youngsters make waves in learner pool

Great effort and determination from the young swimmers in Crusaders’ Learn to Swim groups were rewarded at the end of the autumn term with many achieving certificates and distance level badges.

The young swimmers from the Saturday morning group follow a structured format to advance their skill and confidence. Progress is marked with certificates for skill, distance and effort.

Many of these swimmers will go on to take part in the club’s galas, both internally and externally against other swimming clubs.

All have hopefully enjoyed learning with Crusaders and have gained confidence and ability in the pool. All the swimmers have worked very hard.

Badges: Octopus 1: Katie Burden, Marianne Drew, Peter Hutchison, Hattie Jones, Abbey Payne, Chloe Payne, Mae Pointer, Marco Silva, Octopus 2: Christopher Drew, Ben Dunn, Aimee Haddacks, Riondre Bygrave-James, Teddy Jones, Oliver Gruner, Dylan Morgan-Jones, Octopus 3: Jasmine Jones, Theo Jackson, Adam Pointer.

Goldfish 1: Emma Baker, Grace Barlow, Jocelyn Dale, Eleanor Hutchison, Olivia Newman-Barionus, James Payne, Leo Silva, Daniel Simpson, Thomas Taylor, Kyle Ward.

Effort Certificates: Fynlay Kerry, Chiara Takacs, Patrick Matthews, Marcella Matthews, Billy Taylor, Ethan Brennan, Jack Brennan, Owen Lawlor, Adam Richmond.

Distance badges: 5m: Chloe Payne 10m: Ben Dunn, Riondre Bygrave-James, Teddy Jones, Chloe Payne, Dylan Morgan-Jones, Oliver Gruner, 25m: Emma Baker, Kiera Hill, Millie Hughes, Eleanor Hutchison, Darcy Ives, James Payne, Daniel Simpson, Samuel Gruner, 50m: Jocelyn Dale, Kyle Ward.

The picture, right, shows the youngsters from the Saturday morning Learn to Swim group with their certificates.