Hannah wants to help people lose pounds

Hannah befoe and after
Hannah befoe and after

A woman who has trimmed down from 14st 5lbs to 10st is starting her own slimming group to help others.

Hannah Allum will be running a Slimming World group at the cricket club in Leighton Buzzard every Wednesday from 5.30pm - 7.30pm. The first session is on January 17.

She said: “I had been overweight since my early 20s and tried a number of different diets throughout the years, but could never manage to stick to them, or I’d lose a bit of weight and then feel like I was missing out on anything nice, binge and then put it all back on.

“I would be so cross with myself which would make me feel even more depressed and anxious, that I’d comfort eat to deal with my emotions. It was a vicious circle.

“I had my daughter in January 2014 and by March that year I was 14st 5lbs. This was me at my heaviest. I had a total lack of confidence and hated meeting new people. I would be out of breath from just walking upstairs. I yoyo dieted for the next two years.

“In September 2016 I saw a picture of myself taken on a night out with some friends and I was mortified. I decided this time I had to change the way I looked and improve my health for good.”

Hannah went along to her local Slimming World group at the suggestion of her mother and was amazed at what she was allowed to eat... and the results.

On March 15, 2017, five months after joining Slimming World she hit her target weight of 10 stone.

To find out more about Hannah’s Slimming World group, call her on 07732 298168.