Stroke survivor Bethany to be ambassador for ARNI charity

Teenage stroke survivor Bethany Sinfield has been invited to become an ambassador for ARNI (Action for Rehabilitation for Neurological Injury) after meeting founder Dr Tom Balchin before Christmas.

And the former Cedars Upper School pupil couldn’t be more delighted.

She said: “I’m absolutely thrilled.

“It was lovely meeting him and he’s so down to earth. He’s in tune with my sense of humour and I can relate to the stories he tells because he himself had a stroke when he was 21 so understands what it’s like.”

Beth’s parents were told two years ago she would never walk or talk and would have to be fed through a tube. She was only 17.

But the former brown belt karate champ and rock climbing enthusiast was so determined to get back to normality that she’s surprised everyone – including the medical profession – with her amazing progress

She discovered ARNI through the internet and has been using its techniques to work her way back to mobility.

Dr Balchin – an honorary research fellow at Oxford Brooks University – fought his way to fitness through a combination of martial arts, resistance training and multi-disciplinary approaches.

He developed a regime based on his own experience, combined with that of hundreds of fellow survivors.

It’s contained in his manual The Successful Stroke Survivor: The new guide to functional recovery from stroke.

The philosophy behind it is simple – teaching survivors physical coping strategies a well as intensive resistance and functional movement training.

Testimonals posted on the ARNI website include “Stunning succcess in two hours,” “Movement back in the hand” and “From wheelchair to walking unaided in just one day.”

Dr Balchin would also like to enrol Beth as an ARNI teacher. He said: “I’ll be able to focus on her one-to-one and she can show other instructors how the ARNI approach enabled her to achieve her own considerable success.” She can’t wait to get started.

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